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J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"Where’s Hagrid?" he said out loud.

– А где же Хагрид? — вслух проговорил он.

F. Nietzsche Also Sprach Zarathustra

Und Mancher von euch fiele schon um, wenn er nur den lauten Schall meiner Trommeln hörte.

И многие из вас упали бы, услыхав громкий бой барабанов моих.

And many of you would tumble over if ye but heard the loud beating of my drums.

Herman Hesse Siddhartha

Es geschah, daß er allzu laut lachte, wenn er im Würfelspiel verlor.

It happened that he laughed just too loud, when he lost a game of dice.

Carlo Collodi Pinocchio

Ma invece di queste parole, gli uscì dalla gola un raglio così sonoro e prolungato, che fece ridere tutti gli spettatori, e segnatamente tutti i ragazzi che erano in teatro.

But instead of words, a loud braying was heard in the theater, so loud and so long that all the spectators--men, women, and children, but especially the children--burst out laughing.

Но вместо этих слов из его глотки вырвался такой громкий и продолжительный рев, что все зрители, а особенно дети, чуть не умерли со смеху.

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four

It was a great formidable cry of anger and despair, a deep loud ‘Oh-o-o-o-oh!’ that went humming on like the reverberation of a bell.

Мощный, грозный вопль гнева и отчаяния, густое «A-а-а-а!», гудящее, как колокол.

F.Kafka Prozess

Da klopfte es an die Tür des Nebenzimmers einigemal, stark, kurz und regelmäßig.

И вдруг в дверь соседней комнаты постучали – громко, коротко, размеренно.

There was a series of loud, curt and regular knocks at the door of the adjoining room.

A. Dante Divina Commedia

l'alto preconio che grida l'arcano

Высокой речью миру оглашен

The loud Evangel, that proclaims the secret

Beginnend vom Geheimnis dieser Sphären.

Aldous Huxley Brave New World

The Warden was a blond and brachycephalic Alpha-Minus, short, red, moon-faced, and broad-shouldered, with a loud booming voice, very well adapted to the utterance of hypnopaedic wisdom.

Хранитель был коренастенький альфа-минусовик, короткоголовый блондин с круглым красным лицом и гудящим, как у лектора-гипнопеда, голосом.

Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

– Che stupidi! — esclamò Alice sprezzante, ma tacque subito, perchè il Coniglio bianco, esclamò: — Silenzio in corte! — e il Re inforcò gli occhiali, mettendosi a guardare ansiosamente da ogni lato per scoprire i disturbatori.

'Stupid things!' Alice began in a loud, indignant voice, but she stopped hastily, for the White Rabbit cried out, 'Silence in the court!' and the King put on his spectacles and looked anxiously round, to make out who was talking.

« Les niais ! » s’écria Alice d’un ton indigné, mais elle se retint bien vite, car le Lapin Blanc cria : « Silence dans l’auditoire ! » Et le Roi, mettant ses lunettes, regarda vivement autour de lui pour voir qui parlait.

»Dumme Dinger!« fing Alice entrüstet ganz laut an; aber sie hielt augenblicklich inne, denn das weiße Kaninchen rief aus: »Ruhe im Saal!« und der König setzte seine Brille auf und blickte spähend umher, um zu sehen, wer da gesprochen habe.

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione was not helping matters; the cheers and sound of vomit hitting the bottom of Fred and George’s bucket were punctuated by loud and disapproving sniffs that Harry found, if anything, more distracting.

От Гермионы тоже было мало помощи: при звуках льющейся в ведро массы она всякий раз громко фыркала, и почему-то это тоже действовало Гарри на нервы.

Herman Hesse Siddhartha

Der Knabe aber erhob ein klägliches Geschrei, dazwischen küßte und umhalste er seine Mutter, und auch sie stimmte in seine lauten Hilferufe ein, bis die Töne Vasudevas Ohr erreichten, der bei der Fähre stand.

But the boy started crying miserably, only interrupting it to kiss and hug his mother, and she also joined his loud screams for help, until the sound reached Vasudeva's ears, who stood at the ferry.

Carlo Collodi Pinocchio

In quel punto fu bussato alla porta.

In that very instant, a loud knock sounded on the door.

В это мгновение раздался стук в дверь.

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four

The quacking voice from the next table, temporarily silenced during the Ministry’s announcement, had started up again, as loud as ever.

Кряканье за соседним столом, смолкшее было во время министерского отчета, возобновилось с прежней силой.

F.Kafka Prozess

Ein Mädchen, das wohl durch K.s lautes Sprechen herbeigerufen war, trat ein und fragte: »Was wünscht der Herr?«

Какая-то девушка, привлеченная, очевидно, громким голосом К., вышла и спросила: – Что вам угодно, сударь?

A young woman, probably summoned by the loudness of K.'s voice, entered and asked, "What is it the gentleman wants?"

A. Dante Divina Commedia

non rugghiò sì né si mostrò sì acra

136 Не так боролся и не так гудел

Roared not so loud, nor so discordant seemed

Daß es dem Knarren jenes Tores glich,

Aldous Huxley Brave New World

At the further end of the room was another doorway, through which came a shaft of sunlight and the noise, very loud and close, of the drums.

Сквозь дверной проем в другом конце комнаты падал на пол свет солнца и доносился бой барабанов, громкий, близкий.

Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

– Alzatevi! — gridò la Regina, e i tre giardinieri, si levarono immediatamente in piedi, inchinandosi innanzi al Re e alla Regina, ai principi reali, e a tutti gli altri.

'Get up!' said the Queen, in a shrill, loud voice, and the three gardeners instantly jumped up, and began bowing to the King, the Queen, the royal children, and everybody else.

»Steht auf!« schrie die Königin mit durchdringender Stimme, und die drei Gärtner sprangen sogleich auf und fingen an sich zu verneigen vor dem König, der Königin, den königlichen Kindern, und Jedermann.

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Agnes gave several loud barks.

Агнес несколько раз гавкнула.

Carlo Collodi Pinocchio

I burattini riconoscono il loro fratello Pinocchio e gli fanno una grandissima festa; ma sul più bello, esce fuori il burattinaio Mangiafoco, e Pinocchio corre il pericolo di fare una brutta fine.

The Marionettes recognize their brother Pinocchio, and greet him with loud cheers; but the Director, Fire Eater, happens along and poor Pinocchio almost loses his life.

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four

Suddenly, as though he were listening to somebody else, Winston heard himself demanding in a loud booming voice that he should be given the whole piece.

Вдруг, словно со стороны, Уинстон услышал свой громкий бас: он требовал все.

F.Kafka Prozess

Der Direktor-Stellvertreter aber merkte es gar nicht oder wurde, wenn er es merkte, dadurch nur aufgemuntert, lachte öfters laut auf, brachte einmal durch eine schlagfertige Entgegnung den Fabrikanten in deutliche Verlegenheit, aus der er ihn aber sofort riß, indem er sich selbst einen Einwand machte, und lud ihn schließlich ein, in sein Büro hinüberzukommen, wo sie die Angelegenheit zu Ende führen könnten.

But the deputy director did not notice this at all, or if he did notice it it only raised his spirits, he frequently laughed out loud, one time he clearly embarrassed the manufacturer when he raised an objection in a witty way but drew him immediately back out of his embarrassment by commenting adversely on himself, and finally invited him into his office where they could bring the matter to its conclusion.

A. Dante Divina Commedia

Quivi sospiri, pianti e alti guai

22 Там вздохи, плач и исступленный крик

There sighs, complaints, and ululations loud

Dort hob Geächz, Geschrei und Klagen an,

Aldous Huxley Brave New World

The coyoteman raised his whip, there was a long moment of expectancy, then a swift movement, the whistle of the lash and its loud flat-sounding impact on the flesh.

Тот поднял плеть; долгий миг ожидания, резкое движенье, свист плети, хлесткий удар по телу.

Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

– Si deve appiccar fuoco alla casa! — esclamò la voce del Coniglio; ma Alice gridò subito con quanta forza aveva in gola: — Se lo fate, guai!

'We must burn the house down!' said the Rabbit's voice; and Alice called out as loud as she could, 'If you do.

–¡Tenemos que quemar la casa! --dijo la voz del Conejo.

– Нужно сжечь дом! – сказал вдруг Кролик.