dictionary import from CSV


To import a dictionary from a CSV file, create an additional description file (manifest file) with the following information:

manifest: some-dict.json:

“name”: “ZangHanCiDian”,
“full_name”: “བོད་རྒྱ་མིང་མདཡོད་ (bod rgya ming mdzod) = 藏漢詞典 (zang han ci dian) (1996)”,
“path”: “relative-path-to/some-dict.csv”,
“langs”: “tib, chi”,
“email”: “dharmareader@mail.ru”,
“license”: “digitized by a group of Korean monks for free distribution”,
“comment”: “25,300 entries (Tibetan-Tibetan-Chinese)”,
“source”: “https://osbl.ru/

атрибут path должен описывать относительный путь к csv-файлу,

атрибут langs должен описывать языки колонок csv-файла, в соответствии с кодами ISO 639-3: https://iso639-3.sil.org/code_tables/639/data, i.e. “tib,deu”, “tib,eng,rus”, по числу колонок


“བླ་མ་”, “Лама, Наставник, Учитель”
ཁྱིམ་, дом
“མཐོང་”, “verb; видеть”
འགོ་, “verb; идти”
དགའ་, “verb; радоваться, любить”
ཉལ་, “verb; спать”

it is clear from the example that double quotes are needed only if there are commas in the translation line

comments are marked with #