create csv by text

authoring dictionary creation

Pecha.js, (and all subsequent versions of Morfei family analyzers) has the ability to create a dictionary (rather, a list of words), for a given text, or a group of texts.

This is a very resource-intensive operation. The Tibetan language has no division of the phrase into words, therefore each phrase must be analyzed recursively, and then the best option out of hundreds of thousands of possible ones is determined.

However, in the analysis there are ambiguities. In this case, all possible options are entered into the dictionary. That is, there may be extra lines in the dictionary. On the other hand, some words may not be detected.

After receiving a list of words, you can add translations for each word and then import the final version of the CSV file into Pecha.js, and then publish your result — your own dictionary for a specific text, author or group of authors